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IrinaSexy, Zabalj, , Сърбия
Аз съм: Жена
Age: 37 | View biorythm
Location: Zabalj, Vojvodina, Сърбия
Relationship Type: Friends
Last Activity: 19-01-19
About IrinaSexy
Income: $50,000-$75,000
Religion: Agnostic
Статус: Married
Деца: I don't have kids
Пушене: Never
Пиене: Not a drinker
Career: Computer related
Образование: Bachelor's degree
Ръст: 5' 9" - 175 cm
Тегло: 143 lbs - 65 kg
Тип на тялото : Athletic
Цвят на косата: Light Brown
Цвят на очите: Green

Other information
Ethnicity: South Asian/East Indian
First date: A hug
Live where: In fields
Living with: My Life is a Party...!
Appearance: Below average
Age preference: Someone older
Level of faith: I believe, but I rarely go to services
Spending habits: I am cheap
Humor: I love telling jokes and stories